With the gas crunch, many of us are looking for ways to save a buck or two. One of the ways my longtime male companion and fishing partner Big Bird have found, was to have Joel Martin's (Big Rock Market), daughter pick us up and take us back to our launch point on the Caney. The going price has been $10-more than reasonable. I assumed an increase to keep pace with gas prices.

I heard a day or so ago they were going to $25. My rough calculation is that, from the Dam to Betty's is about a dollar a mile, road distance for them.

I was just about to really give them some ink and exposure but now I am not so sure. Is it just me or is that out of line? I love Joel like a brother, have known him since he was a kid and known the kids since they were born. But is that a reasonable price?
Serious commetns only. I know, sounds crazy coming from me \:\)

Constipation has ruined many a good day. Not as many as stupidity, though.