Yesterday morning there was a HUGE silt plume in the upper river, coming in by the ramp near the dam on river left. It extended downriver for over a mile, nearly all the way to "big rock." It appeared to be runoff from the grouting work being done up above. We got a little rain overnight, but not that much. I am worried what the Caney would look like after a real downpour. Can't be good for the trout.

The 11:00 a.m. generation pulse cleared it out, since we didn't get any more rain after 7:00 a.m. or so.

The huge volume of silt makes me suspect that there is a breach in a silt fence somewhere, or maybe an inadequately-fenced spot. This is a view of the river at the head of the silt plume - the silt is entering the water from a cement drainage culvert on the downstream side of the ramp.

If there's a breached silt fence, I'd like to send an e-mail to somebody to see if it can be fixed before we get a day of heavy rain and blow out the whole river. Anybody know who should get the heads-up? TDEC? Bob Snead and/or the Corps? Someone else? If anyone has any contacts on this, PM me and I'll follow up.


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