Just got back from annual Myrtle Beach vacation and while the wife and others did routine beach stuff, me and my son did three things- eat, slept, and pier fished. We caught right at 140 fish and with the exception of one evening when I burried him, we were almost dead even on fish caught.
Nothing big but here are a few pics of some different catches.

My sons ribbon fish and a sea urchin.

My first flounder ever.

Also my first ray and I don't know what kind. Opinions varied on the pier

3 different kinds of crabs (yes, I caught the crabs)

And check out this toad fish. Something had bitten him in half and it was surviving. That's my bait in his mouth at the top.

And this fellow got this shark to the pier. They had it on the basket once and it slid off. They eventually accidently cut the line with the basket.