This past weekend I bought a Badlands Full day back pack. This thing is KILLER!!!! anyways, the reason for it was to put all my hunting gear in it in case I wanted to do an all day hunt( both in Tn and Wy). I have recently got into videoing hunts for fun and it sure has added a lot of weight to my hunt. That is the reason for the back pack.

In September myself and JayMc will be leaving for Wyoming. It just so happens that username will be in the same camp as us(last year he shot a smokin deer around 140's out there). In order for me to justify the pack I decided the trade off would be for me to load it down with weight and walk a few miles a day. Tonight was my first night and I loaded the pack with around 22lbs of gear. By the end of the summer I am hoping to have it up to about 60-65 lbs. I will add more to the walk and hit trails that will keep adding a challenge to the walks.

Of course I blaim upsman and Quiver for this purchase that has started me exercising. Paybacks!!!!!! I can't wait to head West. \:\)