I took my first turkey to the taxidermist here in my hometown to have a tailfan/wing mount. I shot it opening morning and was so excited. Ok long story short I just got it back last week. It looks ok but let me tell you what I went thru to get it. First of all he still hasnt found the 9.5 inch beard. He LOST it! So he put a fake one on. Is this normal? Has anyone else ever been thru this? Also, I told him to take the spurs off and hollow them out and hang them with it. So instead of cutting the leg in two and hollowing them out he cut them flush off the leg! So basically to me they are ruined. I guess you get what you pay for. I had him do a deer for me and it was ok. So I dont know what the hello happened here. I am really upset over this. Needless to say I cant refer him or use him anymore. Whats your horror story?