I have been posting a little lately about string wear and some tuning issues. Radar and Tox-Phil have been giving me a few pointers, along with a few more folks. Anyway, yesterday evening I decided to shoot a couple arrows and adjust my rest. About half-way thru my draw the thing exploded. I dont know what happened. The wear on the string was not what I thought to be unsafe. Apparently I was wrong!! I still dont know for sure what happened. The string broke right where it wraps around the cam.
It also destroyed my Whisker Biscuit. I dont know how, but it did. I wasnt hurt bad. Just a huge burn on my arm. (Thank God)
I will be making a trip to Tom's Sporting goods. I am not going to try and tinker with it myself. This needs the attention of experts.
By the way, it is a Bear Instinct bow.
Thank god for kids.