I'm almost through with the beatle thing on a 10 point from last year . I didnt even clean the scull first . The head and neck part that I had frozen was about 15 pounds before I started and 20 days later it was nothing left but scull a little hide on the neck and some neck bone . I took a plastic garbage can with a lid --that had some holes in the bottom --took a plastic bag in the bottom with the head and filled it up to the horns where it would soften--shut the lid and waited--the flys got to it first -then after a week I took a stick and let most of the remaining water out . It as 20 days yesterday and I took it out and I am soaking in the pond for a couple days for the oder to get gone a little before I bleach the scull.
It was so many beatles in there I couldnt count them all .
Dont know what kind they were but hey did the job and they live in my yard