I thought I would finally make the switch from 25 years of being a finger shooter to a release aid, never imagining it would be an all day affair!
Went to Sportsman's Warehouse yesterday to begin. in putting the string loop for the release on, we discovered the serving needed replacing. Got the serving off to find 5 broken strands of string inside wehre the serving was. New bowstring installed.
Now shortened the draw length by an inch to offset the switch.
Started paper tuning. Three hours later after moving the WB down(was getting nock high tears still after adjusting for the fishtail we eliminated earlier), getting close. By now the PSE expert has arrived. Come to find out the WB can give a different nock indicator, so moved it again, got it right.

Ended up going from 125 grain tips to 75 to get a good "bullet hole", and still need to trim an inch off the shafts. BTW, the guy that sold me the Maxima 350 WF shafts last year failed to tell me they perform well, but the additional weight forward amplifies the weight of the broadhead, so a lighter should be used so as not to create an underspined effect. Next time I'll probably switch to Gold Tips- shot one of them with 100 gr tip and it was perfect. Just not going to throw away a new dozen maximas- will use them on deer this season.

Bottom line after most of the day at the range, new string, shorter arrows to correct spine and lighter tips, it's shooting very well, tuned right and shooting 280 fps out of my trusty old PSE Mach 6.

I had no idea it was going to be that involved!