Just bought a new DXT today and all I can say is WOW!
I sold my Switchback and went straight to Steves Archery in Columbia!
Brought it home and shot it and I couldnt make it shoot outside of the circle!
I put a TopGun 7 pin site and a Fuse Whisker Biscuit on it!
This Bow is very fast and very accurate! My last pin is at 70yds and I had 2 arrows touching with my firts 2 shots at that distance!

When I fisrt bought my Switchback I felt the same way about it because it was so much better that what I had shot before. As hard as it is for me to say I believe the DXT is a huge upgrade over my Switchback! I cant wait to shoot it some more tomorrow!

I didnt buy a Quiver yet because Im waiting to see what else comes out in Lost camo! The Mathews quiver In Lost camo was over 100$ Maybe TruGlo will make a cheaper one before September!
"It's What We Do!"