They said the crown on the muzzle was bad. The test target they sent me was a 5 shot group at 100yds measuring 1.4moa, not what I was hoping for but somewhere to start. If I can get it down to 1moa I will keep it, if not I will sell it to someone who is okay with a 1.4 group. For deer hunting at less than 300yds 1.4 is fine, but as I said before I bought this gun for the exclusive purpose of shooting further. Off to the reloading bench and the range. I also got my Nikon 2x7x32 scope back from Nikon, they sent me a new one.

I no longer need the 2x7x32mm Nikon Prostaff #6308 Matte and it is for sale $120.00 shipped . They are $129.00 new plus tax and/or shipping.

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