I bought a Weatherly Vanguard 7mm rem mag, Walmart had it on clearence. Do any of y'all have experience with this brand, and model of rifle, in 7mm rem mag. I want to buy a scope, and I want to magna port the barrel, and put a Sims Limbsaver recoil pad, to further reduce the recoil.
I'm disabled due to a work related left knee injury, and I also have a lot of left shoulder pain, due to work injuries, my rt shoulder is in good enough shape to handle the full recoil of this rifle, but
i couldn't shoot a box of cartridges through it and expect it to hold up.
The main thing I must have to be able to continue hunting, is a quality tripod mounted rifle rest, that can hold the rifle for me, due to shoulders, but mostly due to Tremmors,in my hands, and lower arms.(you wouldn't want to hold a apple on your head, if I was aiming a rifle at you, and neither would the wildlife. lol)
I'm trying to adapt a large caliber rifle, to fit my needs. So If any of you know why I should, or shouldn't make these adaptations to this rifle please tell me. And if any of you have Tremmors, and have had to use a tripod, or a rifle rest, mounted on a tripod, please tell me of your modifications.
Sorry for so many questions, but I don't have long till turkey season starts, and I'll need a rifle rest before then to target practice.
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