Nope not from me anymore !!!!!!!

Went went to Jackson for dinner tonight and my son was interested in a Mini-14 so we stopped so he could really check one out before we ordered one for him from Shooters. Oh why did I let him talk me into it,I shoulda stayed in the car.

Well they have Tikka's in there mostly T-3's but they've had one Whitetail Hunter(595)left over in .243 for $545 the last two times I went in and I kept saying if it was only in a different caliber I'd grab it,being I like the Whitetails way better than the T-3's (both are awesome though). Today they had bunch of guns marked way down and the Tikka was down to $349,YIKES. Well it didn't stay on the shelf long after I saw it. Like I really need a .243. Maybe put it away for a rebarrel after a while in .358 or something in the .257 range. I'm stoked. Dang I like old Gander.

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