First Dr. Dickel, then mr big, now statelineRUT and DA.

I think I`m ready to take the leap of faith in my buddies love of this round.

My dilemma, a short handling rifle with 22" barrel, to actually use as a stalking/calling rifle, or a heavier tubed, longer higher speed rig to see the splash factor.

We have several choices at work, LVSF in 204, one like mr bigs in 204, SPS Varmint in 204, XR100 in 204 (cool rifle) and a Stainless laminated in 204. The LVSF has a 22" tube, all others a 26". I have it between the LVSF for practicality, and the XR100 for the ultimate cool factor. Thes have solid bottom action and 40X trigger, vented thumbhole stock.
You cannot argue with STUPID