Well I finally bought me a Rem 700 SPS in 300 RUM and I can't get it to shoot much better than 2.5 moa. I have tried factory 150's and 40 reloads and nothing gives. I have a good Bushnell Elite scope on top that has all screws soft set loc-tited. The pattern is always like a shotgun spread, no specific area, but located all around the bullseye. I have checked action screws and I shoot off sandbags on a concrete table, my other guns were shooting .4-.5 moa the same days so its not the weather. I thought about barrel heating, but it was 14 degrees and I let the barrel go cool to the touch between shots. I'm about ready to send it back to Remington, a long range caliber does you no good if it's not really accurate, 1 moa is a bare minimum.
I checked about stock clearance but the SPS is not free floated at least the two I have are not.and my 300WSM shots .5-.6 moa all day. Any pointers would be very helpful, I have never encountered a problem like this with a Rem 700.
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