My 11 year old son has decided he is recoil sensitive (after shooting 4 deer last year with two different rifles). So his perfectly good, very accurate Model 7 Rem 308 youth model (synthetic/stainless) is going to gather dust for awhile.

I am looking for a 243 on the heavy side with 22 or 24" barrel. I simply do not want him to feel the gun kick, period, until he outgrows this current malady that has possessed him. I will start with 85 grainers and work up to 100. We use rests or field bipods so weight is not much of an issue.

I do not want to drop down in caliber any lower than this and would consider the 260 or 7'08 except they are quite close to the 308 in most bullet weights. Plus, I will sell the 243 eventually as it was never in my plans until just now. It seems ammo for 243 is much easier and cheaper than either the 260 or the 7' 08. What I would really like to buy him is a 300 WSM or 270 WSM so I could try one of those for myself. Oh well.