Finaly made it the to range today for the first time in several months.I found out I was more rusty than I thought I was,as such I don't have nothing worth while on the Barnes.I Should have taken the 22 to loosen the rust but didn't.By the time I did the rust loosend up I ran out of time.

This was really the first time I got to shoot either of my CDL-SF Limited or Win. LT 3 for grouping,priors had been for zeroing only.Both striaght out of the box.

This is a genric load my uncle found for his(4) 3006's and form the target I've seen of his,his will do the same or very similar with both the AB below or Partitions.

The load in case it doesn't show up on the targets

RL-19 60 grs
WLR primer
Nosler 150gr AB
3.330 OAL
NOTE!!This is a Nosler book load btw. got to be careful as it is a near to or compreesed load depending on cases used.

Have a Great Day and God Bless

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