Ok, then...........since several seem interested! Let's see if we can get this done!

Anyone that wants to do this, will do it the 3rd weekend of February. As it stands now, that will be a good weekend. We can do it the first weekend if you wish.

Everyone needs to contact me via PM or email for additional info.

We will be in southern Wayne CO. You will need a small game permit for wma's as we may have to hunt on those also. I have a lot of private land also. All land is less than 10 minutes from each other.

Hotels are available in:

Florence, AL and should be about a 30 minute drive to the hunting.

There may be some rooms in Waynesboro if that hotel is still open but I know nothing about it. Some of the guys that hunt Eagle Creek from out of town may though. I have places for you to camp also if you wish. No power or water hookups though. lol

We will be hunting. If you don't have dogs, that is fine. Come along anyway, especially if you have kids. If you have kids that have never been on a rabbit hunt, they will be hooked. Just be aware of rules most folks have with their dogs and obey them. Nothing harsh, just common sense. Nothing will ruin a hunt, season and lifetime of developing a good line of dogs more than someone being stupid and shooting a dog on accident. Plus, it won't be a cheap accident.

Just let me know and I'll start a list. Let me know if you have dogs or not also.

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