I finaly got some of the new Tipped TSX's in 308 150gr.While I was loading up ten of them yesterday did a little compareing and thought you guys might like seeing a few pics to along with it.

The bullets left to right pic 1-3 below
MRX,TSX,and Tipped TXS

Two items of note here both the the MRX and these Tipeed TSX wear the same color tips.Article in Handloaded said they were going to be "Red",I ssume they wanted to use up the blue ones.LOL
and 2 they also have an extra ring/grooves 4 compared to 3 on these MRX TSX I have,visable in 1 & 2.

Notice the "X" in the bottom of the Tipped TSX on right

Top to bottom Tipped TSX 1.295-5",BTW the others TSX 1.238-5" and MRX 1.215"

Barnes hasn't listed the Tipped TSX BC yet but should be higher than the MRX 0.420 and TSX 0.369 do to the added lenght to my thinking anyway.

Have a Great Day and God Bless

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