you cant consistantly leave at home?

Mine is a 700 Mountain rifle in 260 Rem . It has a Mcmillian swirly stock that TiminTN Pillar bedded for me along with some trigger work and Polishing the crown . Other than this its stock.
It shoots 1/2 -3/4 Moa with several load choices and the only complaint is that it heats up really quick with the small barrel at the range

Thinking about it tonight I have killed more deer with this gun that any other that I own now or have owned.

I thought once or twice about rebarreling it to something else but I probably never will.

I have 2 other rifles at present, a 7mm/300 Win Mag (7mm Claunch Magnum) and a 338-06, both customs
Both shoot farther and harder by far than the little pop gun but It seems to be my Go To Rifle

And strangly enough I have killed my two largest bucks with it even though I hunt with them all about the same amount. Including the one I shot Sat Morning