Took a trip out to Catoosa today to run the bird dogs. Beautiful day. No birds however, but quite a few rabbits. Jumped em about everywhere we stopped and almost stepped on two.

Last year we had pretty decent success in the savanna restoration areas. This year my heart sank when I pulled up to see that they had been shredded. We were able to find one area that had some sign that the little guys had been there (roosts everywhere) just no birds. Maybe next time.

So with the lack of bobs we decided to try for a Christmas grouse. We saw one from the road on the way in So we promptly drove back to the area where we last saw him and let the dogs out. Crawled through some the the thickest tangles of dead pines, briars and laurel I have ever ventured through ( just above Daddy's creek). No grouse. The dogs did act birdy once or twice, but just enough to get me excited.

Any advise on how to hunt these guys would be much appreciated. What type of cover are you looking for? What type of ground? Is there a preffered time of day? Will a good quail dog usually point a grouse?

Yall have a Merry Christmass!!

Oh ya saw a good 8 point running around with a smaller buck. Very big bodied deer in the savanna area.

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