I run a hunting club in Perry County with approximately 1,000 acres which has been mostly hardwoods with about 100 acres of 4-5 year clear cut. In the spring the landowner decided to start clearcutting the ridgtops, but leaving the valleys in tack as they contain creeks and natural springs. The loggers will be done in a few months and we will have about 500 acres in hardwoods (the valleys) and the rest in fresh clear cut (except for the 100 acres of 4-5 year old clear cut. Since I am use to hunting mostly hardwoods I need some advice on the best ways to hunt this property and help keep the deer in the property. With the property being cut will the deer migrate elsewhere?

The deer sightings are way down from years past and the Members are blaming it on the clear cutting. I have tried to explain to them that this has been the case in a lot of the surronding areas. Any tips on how to hunt this property will be greatly appreciated.