Thought you guys might enjoy this:

I came back up to TN for a couple of days hunting and a little more doe thinning. Passed up 5 yearling bucks and some big does early in the morning, but at 9 am, a group of 6 does came out on the back hillside. Ranged 640 yards. Custom 300RUM, 28" lilja barrel built by Kirby Allen. Nightforce NXS 8-32x scope. 200 gr Accubond at 3280 fps MV. Negligible wind, 28 clicks up on the drop chart from 300 yard zero. Picked out a medium-sized doe who was feeding calmly. Squeezed the trigger, half a second later the doe collapses in a heap. A second later the sound of the bullet impact reaches me. When I got to her, found a perfect centerpunched shoulder shot. I've killed several from 400-600 yards, but this is my longest to date.

I shot from the shed with the metal roof in the center of the picture in the background