Be proud. Just talked to a friend in NC and he was t-boned by someone who failed to see a stopsign at 55mph. Totaled his toyota, and he had a 35rem lever action and a 300mag remington sendero in the truck at the time. The crash broke the 35 in half behind the trigger guard and cracked the stock on his synthetic sendero. He had a leupold on the sendero and he got the stcok fixed and said that the gun was shooting 50 feet to the right. Got the gun zeroed back in and shot a 1 1/2" group at 200yds afterwards. Just to tell you how much force of the impact, he had a 40gal fuel tank that had 30gals of diesel and the impact threw the fuel tank 75 feet. He's ok and sore, but he sure was braggin on the leupold. Oh yeah, other driver had no insurance on vehicle(hispanic driver).