I just wanted to let you folks know about what the cost of repairing a cheap Simmons is nowadays. Of course the company has been bought out by Meade and apparently they don't want to do any service on older models. I had a 1.5x5x20 Whitetail Classic that I bought many years ago and used quite a bit in the past for close range brush hunting. It gave up the ghost last year and the windage turret ceased to adjust. I just found it in the cabinet and thought that while I was doing nothing I would see if it was possible to repair the scope. Granted I didn't have high hopes going into this since it is a cheap scope and it's also probably 10 years old.

I called Simmons Customer service and talked with them. Now this is a scope which costs about a hundred dollars. They wanted $85 for repairs plus my shipping costs. It just really didn't seem like much of a bargain to me considering the cost of the scope. Evidently they want to just sell new scopes and not repair old ones. The adjustment shouldn't have stripped to start with but to charge the cost of replacement is a little outrageous. Buy cheap, get cheap service, but I didn't expect a lot anyway. I got good service out of the scope while it lasted. They definitely consider themselves to be disposable scopes.
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