Had my bird out this afternoon when the winds calmed down a bit. Started out good and was following me about 40feet up in the trees. We were out for about 15 minutes and he started chasing 2 squirrels. One ended up going into a hol but the other went up high in he tree. He chased him for 15 minutes looking at me and going up when I called for him to and spiraled up and down the tree about 20 times. The squirrel then started jumping trees and he was right on his tail. Caught him in the tops of one tree and helicoptered down to the ground. I helped on the dispatch and the squirrel weighed 600 grams, a nice big female. He had a hold on the head this time and wasnt going to get bit again. I have pics I can post as well. Landon

PS can someone email me at landon531@yahoo.com so I can email them the pics? I dont know how to post that well.