I have started reloading shotshell/slugs. I have done reloading in the past (long time ago, galaxy far, far away) but mostly rifle/pistol reloading. I have all the gear to do 2 3/4" and 3" 12 ga. Shot and rifled slug, to include the roll type crimps using an MEC sizer and low rpm drill press. With all this said, I am having trouble finding the specifictions regarding brass height. I had ordered 100 primed cheddite 3" hulls to do my slugs (hastings reproductions) but got fat fingered and orderd 16 mm instead of 25 mm. Does it matter? In years gone buy, rule of thumb was 3" magnum load =high brass. Field loads =low brass. The manuals I have don't show alot of self defense "00" loads using 3" shells. What they call out are 2 3/4 low brass hulls. Any experiences, links, etc on this subject will be appreciated.
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