In every management book you read it tells that a 2 to 5 percent of the total property size should be in high nutrition food plot plantings. Food plots are becoming the escape goat when it comes to management on a property. Food plots are only part of the equation. Habitat management is far more important. BUT,.. its never discussed in detail what percentage of the total property should be set forth for quality habitat for food and cover. SO,.. for you die hard guys,.. how much percentage of the total property do you set aside for nothing but habitat changes? In a typical hardwoods setting,.. whats the best method for creating it? Do you prefer large areas, or small blocks seperated up within the hardwoods? Can you go to far with this and hurt your hunting potential? Any other advice? such as getting preferred browse to grow in these areas such as greenbriar, honeysuckle,ragweed, blackberry and other important forbes for deer and wildlife. How to maintain the habitat after completion?

I've been here awhile and read alot of good stuff in sections about this ,. but never discussed in detail. Figured it would make a great change in topic over the food plot issue that comes up here all the time. As stated,. plots are important, but in TN i feel habitat changes should be the main target for a QDM plan. This could only help myself, other qdm guys that may pick something up, and the newcomers to the site that may have missed really good info from prior post.
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