I'm so agrovated, I can't explain it!!! My brother in law was going down a 4 wheeler road at 11:30 yesterday. It was so foggy you could only see 40 - 50 yards out in front of you. Ehen there he was a great buck looking straight at us in the fog like a statue. antlers way up in the air!!!! Cory didn't have his gun ready, so I pulled up got a rest and shot. Smoke flyes and cory yells u got him he is going down. We wait 45 minutes and go look for him he ran behind a bluff. We looked there no deer no blood. We did dind out 50 yard where he crashed but no blood and no deer. We followed his fresh tracks for 1 mile no blood no blood. I know my gun was not off, so i I shot it just to check at a power aid bottle at 50 yards hit it perfect. Centered it!!!!

I was shootint 295g hollow point powerbelt. With 100g powerdex loose powder. Crv staghorn in line.

Anyone else have trouble with powerbelts?????