Took the boys Howa out today and got it all set up and sighted in for him. Mounted the Pentax 4x12 on it in some Burris rings. Took some of my 150 gr handloads that do really well in my .308 some store bought green and yellow box 150 gr Remys.

Overall inpressions,not that bad a rifle for what he paid,the stock is OK for me ,the rubber feel of the Houge takes a little getting used to but not that bad,deffenetly won't slip out of your hands. He has a wood stock on order and he will do the fitting,glassing and finishing himself. He says he wants to learn how it's done so YIPPE is all I can say,great way to spend time with him. We must have lucked out the trigger isn't a Jeweled or a Timney but it's pretty nice,no creep feels like maybe about 3 1/2 to 4 lbs and breaks clean. Did the normal barrel break-in and got down to shooting.

Shot it at 100 yards with about and 8 to 10 mph wind out of the northwest shooting 3 and letting the barrel cool. Recoil with this Houge is nice feels like a .243 rather than a .308.

Accuracy is good with the store bought Remys I kept them under 1" at 2" high, great for him to finish this next rifle season with his new rifle. With my handloads another story I'll have to wait till after season and find a good load for it,with my rifles favorite handloads the groups went 2" to 2 3/4".

All in all not being a critic or an expert by no means but I really think for someone wanting an inexpensive rifle or like Lil'Tik did wanting to get a good hunting rifle at a price he can afford,it seems like a good one.
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