Encore 270
Bullet 140 gr Accubond Coated
Coating Tungsten Disulfide (WS2) Dry Lubricant Powders
Powder IMR 4350
50 gr, 51 gr, 52 gr, 52.3 gr, 52.7 gr, 53 gr and shot in that order
Temp 46 deg. Wind 0 to 5 mph
Dist. 100 yds
Best group is #2 at 0.549
Worst group is obvious, all but the first two.
Point of interest: On a naked bullet the POI would be at the POA. The coated bullets are flatter as it was explained to me by Mike.
Also on a naked bullet the 52.7 gave me the better group
Only shot groups of 3 since I was running out of time and did not want to hurry all my shots.

Mistake: group 4 is actually 3 Sorry

Mistake: group 6 is actually 5 Sorry

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