Last sat I took a small doe filling my doe tag.Not a big deal in itself but we are more particular around here \:\)
.308 Winchester
130 gr Speer HP @ around 28-2900fps at 170 give or take through rather dense hardwood.Bullet did not strike anything in flight and at a bit of surprise to myself hit dead on where I had the cross hairs.Longest shot to date ever on a beasty.
I have all pics and may post them if there is interest,but I am still thinking this individual bullet did not live up to its rep and past performance on deer at shorter ranges and am looking for some input.
Placement was 4" behind right shoulder impacting center of a rib bone going in.
Exit is just behind left shoulder at a slight angle impacting another rib on exit.Exit hole maybe 2" at most.Heavy bruising on entrance side with bruising around exit and some shoulder bruising.Deer ran 35 yrds after shot and field dress showed it had lost the top half of her little heart to boot.I think she should have dropped right there like the other 2 deer I have taken with this load.Any input ?
Took a while with dial up but here are a few pics.Dont laugh at my little deer....look at her more like a "test subject" \:\)
First is entrance,second exit should be one on the ground pic.

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