Over the last week or so, I've harvested two deer. Both were inj the same exact spot on the food plot, eating oats and undisturbed around 50-60 feet from the stand.

One doe hit behind the shoulder dropped in her tracks reamined down, but didn't die. She required a shot in the back of the neck to finish her off. Upon examination not exit wound, execept on the neck. I thought it was a fluke.

Saturday morning from the same stand spot shot a 142lb dressed 8 pointer. good hit behind the shoulder. Once again dropped where shot but sill alive. Required a shot in the neck to finish him off. No bullet exit, except for the neck shot.

Both deer had a debloodgened (SP)look on the side opposite the shot but no evident exit wound.

I guess the bullets blew up as these were fairly short shots. Anyone ever have this happen?