In the thread about the boy getting injured with the hand loads in the general forum there is repeated referance to being on the look out for signs of excess pressure. Just what signs of pressure start to develope that signal someone that the maximum limitations are being pushed? Other than an obvious catasrophic faliure? Hard case ejection, primers being unseated, shoulder fractures,....?
Then there are comments about specificly developed tested or proven reloads that should be used just for the single firearm they are developed for. I have always read to NEVER try reloading without the books that dictate loads, combinations, and specs that are proven reliable and safe. I would think that staying within this guideline that any combination (within the books guidelines) would safe for any rifle that is in sound working condition. I guess on this question I am asking, are some of these specific loads outside the parimiters of the guides but still deemed safe due to things like the chamber depth,ect.... of individual rifles because of varied machineing tollerances and such?

Although I used to reload all of my shot shells in the day,I don't load my own ammo for my hunting rifle. Honestly, to me other than the added satisfacton of developing and shooting my own make-ups I can't see the advantages, with my shooting abilities, over the hornadys that I always buy off of the shelf. They have always been extremly consistant shooters. But I do understand the satisfaction that comes from the extra personal involment that contributes to the enjoyment of the activites we persue. Its kinda like makin my own beer I guess.... \:\)