I'm shooting a Remington 700 with Hornady 150 SST bullets and H414 Power. At 200 yards it is shooting a very tight group about 1 inch. Opening day I shot a nice 8 point, very little blood trail a drop here and there. Found the deer about 30 yards up the ridge. Bullet went right though and small exit hole. Sunday day #2 shot a doe in the neck droped her in her tracks 150 yards again no blood. Sunday afternoon Doe standing 235 yards out, shooting off a stick shot she almost went down right then could tell she was hit. Ran into the woods I saw her fall though scope. Walked down no blood, went into the woods found where she went down again no blood. Found a couple of places she had been down. Yesterday (Sunday) shot another doe 60 yards solid hit again she stumbling while trying to run out of the field. Again no blood.

Has anyone else shooting these bullets have or having the same problem?

I'm going back to bullets I know will work.

I have about 150 plus rounds loaded plus some H414 power and extra bullets if someone is interested PM and we can work out a deal.