My son Joe shot an 8 point Satruday morning. It was standing in front of a steep dirt bank. Joe was showing me where the buck was standing at the time of the shot, when Joe pointed at a hole in the bank and said "I bet that's where the slug went!"

We dug around a little, and found the bullet only a few inches into the dirt. I don't have any pic of it yet, but I hope Joe remembers to take a pic soon.

It's a 240 gr XTP shot with two 50 gr 777 pellets. Range was about 80 yrds. The bullet mushroomed nicely, but not too large, and seems to have a lot of it's original weight left. If I get my hands on it (it's in Joe's truck now) I'll weigh it and post the results here.
It's not rocket surgery, for crying outside!