The boys been saving up for a .308 for awhile and he was finally able to go for it so we started shopping. I really belive even though I'm a 100% Tikka nut that a person should try every gun out there and pick what feels the best to them, my wife helped me out there when I tried to shove a left handed Tikka at her and she told me in just the right words to leave her and her A-Bolt alone. What, I was just trying to get her a lefty.

Anyway after trying them all, Remy's ,Tikka's,Savage's,Browning's,Mauser's, Weatherby Vanguard's and alot of others he kept going back to a Howa/Houge and the Remington SPS. He finally went for the Howa . He says it just feels right Dad. So he's waiting for it to come in,we got it and Lupy base's and rings coming in for it this week,and Pops springing for a Pentax scope in 4x12 for an early CHRISTmas present.(least I can do right).

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