I posted this picture on another forum, but I thought it would go well here, too.
This is my eleven year-old son, Ian, who took his first buck on opening morning. He had taken three does over the last three seasons, but no bucks until this one.
We were hunting in Jefferson County in an area that is heavily hunted on a 90 acre parcel of land. The buck was aged by TWRA at 3.5 yrs and weighed 170 lb. live and 140 lb. field dressed.
Notice the QDMA cap Ian is sporting. I sent the picture to QDMA and they said they may try to fit it into a future issue of
Quality Whitetails.
This just proves that quality deer can be produced in areas with marginal habitat if they are given the opportunity to grow. This buck may not be that impressive for some areas, but around here it is about as good as you can hope to get.