CBU, man and myself were hunting yesterday morning and had 3 does come out.
We decided that they weren't coming any closer so I got set up and was gonna try a long shot.
I didn't have my range finder, and even if I would have, I have found them to be useless in long range situations.
Anyway, we guessed her to be about 450 yards so I laid the rifle on a branch and got my crosshairs 6-8" above her back and let it fly.
I noticed little to no kick from my .300 win mag and the bullet hit the ground about 30 feet in front of the deer.
CBU said, "Dude, that didn't sound right at all."
He was commenting on how quiet the shot was.
Then when I went to cycle my bolt it was jammed up and I had to pull pretty hard to get it to eject.
We looked at the spent casing and everything looked ok, other than some, for a lack of a better word, gald marks on the sides of the case, near the base.
Not sure if one had anything to do with the other but it just seemed weird.
I had just taken a doe at 350+ yards the morning before.
First time I have ever had any reason to blame anything on my trusty ole corelokts. \:D
The only other thing that I saw different about the case was around the end of it where the bullet was it was really black looking about a quarter of an inch down the neck.
Anyone had anything like this happen?
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