it has been the remington premier boattail 30-06 165 gr but they stopped making it 4-5 years ago and replaced it with the accutip ammo. i bought a 200 box in 2003 and am down to about my last 40 rounds which should get me thru the next year, after that it is back to playing around with factory ammo again to find a 1/2 inch load or have reloads done up for it... any one got a got handload for mod 70 classic sporter 06 1 in 10 twist. be willing to pay for time and effort/ materials after spring turkey . would i just have to have the chamber measured to see how far the bullets should be set off or on the rifling and work up a load and be able to keep the load data and have done up once in awhile???? pasted and posted from another thread so if it seems out of the blue and kinda out of order, sorry.
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