I addressed this to BSK because I trust his knowledge and experience not to slight anyone. Advice from everyone is welcome.

Here is the deal. I just joined a new club this year. 2100 acres in Perry County. We have some really nice deer (130 inch 9 point taken this weekend), but we know it could be better.

We have a year round creak running almost the entire length of the property, A big ridge with 4 major fingers and their respective hollows, and about 250 acres of "bottoms" that are available to plant. As well as several .5 - 1.5 acre plots up on the ridge.

In August we lymed and fertalized ( I am not sure if a soil test was done)and planted about 20 acres (broken up into different plots) We mixed our own seed as I remember it was mostly soy beans, winter wheat, buck wheat, turnips, Australian winter peas, and a bit of clover up top on the ridge.

It was explained to me that these were mainly as an attractant and not so much for nutrition.

Now I have heard that the plan is to plant corn and soy beans in the spring. It doesn't seem to me that this would be the best way to go with our goals of more and larger bucks (body size and antler)and larger does.

So I guess it boils down to are corn and soy beans good, bad or indifferent for a spring crop when it comes to those goals?

If someone can recommend a good book on food plots and deer nutrition that would be a great help. I might just buy a copy to leave on the table at camp LOL.
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