I shot a spike with the Hornady Ammo, close range. I
could not wait, rattled him in after seeing another one 1/2 hr earlier. He dropped in his tracks.
Problem is it looked like a hand grenade went off. Ribs, and bone everywhere, bullet completely blew up with no pass through. Only the lower half of the front shoulder is left after cutting out the bloodshot. Freak shot I doubt it.
This is definitely a killer round,
but I think maybe a little to fast and friable in such close ranges.
Now on to my next test, my 270 gr. Speer Gold Dot reloads. I think they will do much better (better bullet at close range ?)
Plain jane Remington's have done a great job for me in the past, Quarter sized lead mushroom.

Manipulation is the KEY!
Use it willfully & be aware of it from others!