Got a few rifles out of the back of the safe readyrack today to check zeros for the opener and upcoming seasons.

The .260 needed some minor tweaking as did the .280. However the winner of today's shootoff was my .358. It is a woodstock Rem M78 that I rednecked painted several years ago and it put two 220g Speers within .6 just .2 out of the 10x crosshair at 105 yds. Now those big ole black stovepipe holes in the center of the target sure looked good after the rifle set in the safe for a year. So it will get the nod on opening morning-besides the .358 punches a big hole thru and thru that results in a short msssive blood trail if there is one. And they don't run down to the deepest most rugged holler to expire and be drug out.

I will check the .35 Rem 760 and .223:) Friday.

Good luck to you all. I am beginning to feel the fever. The woods were beautiful today and I am starting to see some small bucks traveling. I haven't seen any scrapes or rubs however. Plateau Hunter
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