I had planned on trying the TSX this year as I had a decent load with them for a 3006.Along the way I ended up with a box of the same weight MRX's.Loaded them up as well. Zeroed the rifle with the TSX and fired one round of the MRX,Dead center 1" lower than the TSX + 1 @ 100.

I much prefer to know how well a load groups but went with the MRX. BTW Barnes told me that there testing shows close to the same groups with the the same loads between the two. Will see later this week.

Spike buck @ 50 yards was the test subject a couple weeks ago in GA.

He turned just as the trigger broke,turning a broadside into a 1/4 away.Hit him about mid paunch and exited mid ribs.Got a few guts,Liver and the top 3/4 of the lungs turned to jelly.Exiting with just over quarter size hole. Nothing impressive here, Except it was a one leap kiss the dirt,or about as close to a DRT as one can get,head to the meat pole result and not one of those 50 yard + follow up I have had with similar shots on other deer.

Dont know if this was a fluke result or not but was impressed by it.
Have a Great Day and God Bless

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