I've been using (and loving) the ML for only a few years. Part of my cleaning the gun (after shooting) has been taking apart the gun and dunking the barrel in the hottest water I can get. In the past I've taken the scope off before dunking the barrel. Seemed stange that I take the time and effort to sight in the gun (down to the smallest adjustment), only to take off the sight during the cleaning. Even with pre-set scope mounts, I've always thought I might be putting the scope back on the barrel in just a slightly different position. Even tho it looks like it mounts back on correctly, I may be off just a hair - which of course - changes the shooting accuracy. I mentioned that concern to a buddy and he said he doesn't take off the scope even when cleaning. He had the same concern about changing the accuracy and thought that the scope was water proof and should tolerate the exposure to water.

I tryed that. It's a good quality scope, and should tolerate getting rained on, but was nervous about sticking it under water for a soaking. Sure enough, the next day the scope fogged up on the inside. That foggy haze seemed to (finally) go away. I shot a doe with it later the next day, so I know it's shooting well. The next time I cleaned it, I was careful not to remove the scope, but kept that end of the barrel out of the water. Still managed to get plenty of water thru the barrel (with the brushes and patches). Seemed to work OK.

I was afraid I'd ruined the scope. What do you all do for cleaning? Same technique? I'm sort of self taught and advice would be welcome.

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