Long story short...the first gun i ever held was a single shot lever action 22. At the time the gun would not fire, i was like 6 years old. My dad gave it to a guy to fix. Insert long story...we can not get the gun back. I have thought about this little gun over the years and would love to have one like it. I don't remember anything like the brand, i just remember what it was. i've searched gunbroker, and found a few that i guess are like it, but have never seen another one in person. i remember it had a full lever, the top slid back, you loaded the cartridge into the top, and when you levered the action it would eject the shell. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about one of these guns. If you could help me out with a make, model, etc. It was a neat, small little rifle from what i remember, and it would mean alot to have one like it. I would appreciate your help.
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