BSK,... This is from the management topic of boonerbucks off of serious deer talk from yesterday. I think it got lost on the 2nd page,.. but would like your opinion concerning my situation.
In my process over the past 6 years on my 85 acres i've went thru every aspect of growing into my management program. Using trail cameras, i've monitored my progress. Started out with just ole hardwoods habitat with little plots. At that time,. i got a good mix year round of does and bucks pictured. About 3 years ago i started seeing this transitition your speaking of(more does). Whats got me puzzled is the past 2 years i'm capturing more pics of bucks during the summer, and less pics of bucks during the winter. Very few pics of does during the summer, but ALOT of does during the winter. Hunting observations are the same. 5 years ago all we would see while hunting would be bucks(mostly 1.5 and 2.5), with a few does. Now,.. its all does with a few bucks being observed during our hunting.
The habitat in our area is better as a whole. Not only did i select cut my 85 acres, the neighbor select cut his hollers on his 250 acres and another property took cows off the land which provided more habitat in the woods and in the fields. SO,. we all have better habitat. Myself and another guy across the road have the bulk in food plots though.
So with that being said,.. why am i seeing more bucks during the summer and less during the winter?? Why are the bucks leaving my property and going to the others ,. but i'm not catching any new bucks on camera that shifted their range to my place??
Any information will be appreciated!! THANKS
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