me and a buddy have rights to 160 Acres in Fayette county. We have hunted it for the past 3 years and have trail cams of some nice bucks. They are not passing our camera now but they gotta be out there somewhere. The 2 of us are staying away from the smaller bucks and have passed on 2 4 points and 1 6 point so far this season. I did take 1 doe opening morning of ML, which brings me my question.

He thinks we only need to take 2 does a piece this year not to wipe out our number of does. From what we have seen just about all our does had little ones this past year. Thats makes me think we need to kill a few more than 4 does this year, after all its in Fayette county.

What would you say?

I think we don't hold very many deer but have quite a few that pass through, however we have seen the same 4 point 5 or 6 times and that 6 point twice (once for me, once for him).

We have limed, fertilized, tilled, and planted about an acre and a half with purple top turnips, buck forage oats, and OakHaven's Hunt Club Fall blend hopefully to attract and hold a few more.

I'm the guy that wants to sit and watch deer, I'll take a few does (3 maybe 4 per year), but really want some nice antlers for the wall. Just kinda looking for what I need to do in order to obtain those goals.

Sorry for the long post

Thanks in advance...