On Winchester's web site it shows Ballistics trajectory

What does it mean in the diff between Short trajectory and long trajectory?

It shows 0 at 150yds and -0.8 at 150 yrds and so on on the short trj chart and +1.3 at 100yrds and +1.2 at 150yds on the long trajectory chart.

What is the diff in long and short trajectory?

I am shooting a 150gr Ballistic silvertip in 7mm rem mag. I am sighting for this round Sat. and any help would be appreciated. I got a new swarvoski scope and want to get it dialed in. Bore sight is done now I need to fine tune. I will be hunting a large cutover corn field and may have a shot as far as 350 to 400 yards. I am comfortable with the gun and know its range. I just could not look at that 600$ scope in the box anymore and pulled my Nikon off and put it on. I need to know the ballistics so I can make a good shot at long range if needed.

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