Will get a pic on here later in week. Due to health issues, have only hunted 3 times in last 4 seasons.

Was hunting with a friend and fellow TnDeer member (govols125).

Was in a blind overlooking a pasture and govols was at other end inside the barn.

Had 4 does enter at other end and begin feeding at 7:39 this morning. As govols was about to fire, a barn cat leaped out the small half-door opening, startling a doe and govols.

His shot missed and the 4 does scattered.

One ran toward me , but could not get it to stop and watched it pass.

Settled back down after another close call, missed twice Saturday. After 5 years, it was like first time out, nerves tore slap up, LOL.

Around 8:00, was looking in direction that lone doe had ran off and a buck stepped out into opening.

Counted 4 points, but appeared to be a six and good body size.

Got ready, tried to stay calm as he made his way closer.

When he got about 35-40 yrds, he turned as if to enter a small finger of trees and thicket.

Just before he entered, he stopped for a second.

Iron sights had long settled on a sweet spot, nerves were controlled for that second and BOOM .

When smoked cleared he was stumbling on 3 legs, right front shoulder busted from shot.

He entered the thicket and appeared to lay down.

About 5 minutes later, he came limping on 3 legs around the thicket and headed to property line.

Attempted a 2nd shot, but just as I fired, he dropped down in ditch and layed there.

He couldn't get up or walk and when govols reached me, I shot him again with govols mz to put him down.

7 pt. w/small sticker. Don't know weight, was rushed afterwards and dropped him at a processor, usually do my own.

Forgot to get him weighed, but guesstimate would be in 175 lb. or so range.

Govols got the doe Saturday evening that I had missed that morning and missed again just prior to him taking it.

Didn't get chance to mount and sight in my scope, so was using iron sights. That combined with adrenaline rush, the 2 misses were understandable.

Hunted all day Sat. and yesterday morning , seen deer on several occasions, but hunting new tract of private land w/o scouting.

2 down so far, with 1 more full day to hunt Thursday. Starting to learn patterns, so hopefully can get at least a couple more.

Had my digi camera , but in a rush, had to settle for cell phone pics.

Will get them on here as soon as I can.

Knight Wolverine (bought from Bucknbass in '01)
Hornady 240gr HP-XTP
100 gr. Pyrodex Pellets
Iron Tru-Glo sights

35-40 yrd shot
recovered 25 yards away
expiration time = 8:22am


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