I would like to say this is one of the best shooting Ml's i have ever shot and i have shot quite a few over the years.Went to BPS friday with the intention of buying just a cheap CVA like a Wolf, i like the break action style the best.They had one of the stainless and camo Optima's left and i fell inlove with it after holding it.It was late they were closing and as the guy was getting all my stuff to be able to mount my scope he gave me the wrong mounts.I got all the way to my deer camp before i noticed .. so i had to hunt all weekend with iron sights ... now 10 years ago i didnt own a gun with a scope but im so blind now even with my glasses hehe i cant see [censored] at 100 yards without one.Turned down several shots at small bucks and does on saturday due to i was worried about my shots.Sunday morning the deer on our farm were moving like crazy i saw 11 does and 6 bucks by 8 30 but non super close and nothing big enough to make me take a chance at a 80 or 90 yard open sight shot.about 8 15 a decent 8 point walks out into the food plot at about 80 yards .. i toot the grunt call and he looks up and starts my way.... at about 40 yards he stopped and turned to the right a bit to look at one of the smaller bucks and i popped him.He ran about 15 yards and piled up.Great great gun for the money IMO.
No matter where you go .. there you are.